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Instructions For Use
To use the TapGo card, customers should follow the following steps:
Step 1: Activate

Customers scan the QR code on the front of the card to send an activation message to "8066". The system will send a confirmation message of successful card activation to the activation phone number.

Step 2: Rent a bicycle

Touch the card to the RFID symbol on the lock or the area to the right of the QR code on the lock to unlock it. The lock will emit a sound when the card is touched and automatically unlock for the customer to rent the bike.

Step 3: Return the bicycle

Park the bike directly at the station, lock the bike, and touch the card to the RFID symbol on the lock within 30 seconds from locking to confirm the return. If the customer touches the card after 30 seconds, the lock will reopen.

Step 4: Deposit money

When the amount of money in the card is used up, customers can top up in 2 ways:

  • Top up via bank account: Open any mobile banking application, scan the QRcode on the back of your TapGo card and enter the amount to deposit to transfer.
  • Cash deposit (coming soon): You bring your TapGo card to the convenience store system for support to load cash into the card.
Step 5: Reuse

When no longer in need of the card, we recommend that you bring the card to card redemption points for reuse and receive a small gift from TNGo as a gesture of environmental protection!

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