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Important – please read carefully the terms of service set forth below “Terms of Use”. By using the Service, you agree that you have read, understood, accepted and agreed to the Terms of Use. You also agree to the representations set forth below. If you do not agree or are not covered by the Terms of Service and do not wish to continue using the Service, please do not continue to use the Service. These Terms of Use constitute a Legal Agreement between you and Xedapchung Company. To use the Service you must agree to the following Terms of Use. By using the Xedapchung application provided by the Company and downloading, installing or using the customer card provided by the Company for the purpose of supporting people who need to use the bicycle sharing service to move around. to specific locations. Modifications, changes to the Terms of Use or policies related to the Service will take effect as soon as the updated version is posted on the website. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to regularly review the Terms of Use. Continued use of the Service following any changes, whether or not you have reviewed them, will be equivalent to your acceptance and agreement to such changes. Terms of use at this information may be changed, accessible at
Bike sharing service
Our mission is to give people the ability to connect communities and bring the world closer together. Xedapchung's sharing service is a bicycle sharing service provider for customers provided to customers on the website at
Customer's commitment to use
Customers needing to use the service are completely voluntary and customers fully understand the relevant regulations on payment and depositing money into the account of Xedapchung customer card.
Bicycle rental processing time
Online Payment transaction is made immediately after the payment gateway successfully executes the request to deduct money from the customer's bank account.
Cashback on transactions

Non-Refundable Transactions: Payment transactions made successfully and the paid customer's Xedapchung account has been debited or recharged with the corresponding amount.

Refundable transactions: As unsuccessful transactions, customers are not allowed to debit or deposit money into Xedapchung account but have deducted money from their bank account. Customers will be refunded after checking transactions between Xedapchung, payment gateways and banks and carriers.

Rights and responsibilities of customers
Customers are responsible for strictly following the instructions for using Xedapchung's services. Customers enjoy full benefits for customers when using the service. In the process of using the service, when unexpected situations arise, customers need to notify the customer service center. In case of force majeure such as bicycle theft, accidental damage resulting in not being able to complete the trip, the user needs to notify the customer service center so that the technical department can directly help. help.
Rights and responsibilities of Xedapchung Company

Xedapchung is responsible for ensuring that Xedapchung's technical systems operate stably and accurately in handling customer requests. The customer support department works 24/7 during the day, to answer the continuous help but requests of the users.

Xedapchung is responsible for providing sufficient information related to the transaction to verify transaction data with the units when there is an error or customer complaint in the use of the service provided that the parties involved authorities provide sufficient evidence to demonstrate that they have the legal right to access the above information.

Xedapchung has the right to refuse to provide services to customers if customers do not comply with Xedapchung's regulations on service provision.

The two sides commit to strictly implement the terms. If a dispute arises during the implementation process, the two parties will jointly resolve it by negotiation or conciliation. In case of unsuccessful negotiation or conciliation, one of the parties has the right to bring the dispute to the competent People's Court in the place where Xedapchung's head office is located.
Other agreements

This Agreement is governed by the relevant legal documents of Vietnam.

The Agreement and accompanying documents are an integral part. By agreeing to this Contract, the parties have agreed and accepted the terms specified. Customers commit to have read, understood and fully complied with the above terms and conditions and relevant provisions of law.

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